Mobile act with the 24option app for Android & iPhone

Where quick decisions and flexible trading are required, distributors of binary options and comparable financial products no longer want to be tied to the new previous desk in order to actively and effectively work with their broker.


Whether you're at the airport, on the train, or wherever you are, looking at the prices, or even purchasing options flexibly, it is essential for many investors.     This is particularly popular with mobile trading apps. They make it possible to actively engage in trading with binaural options from anywhere.

Also official statement time the Cyprus-based broker 24option has recognized this trend and offers its users a modern 24option app. Available is the handy extra for Android operating systems as well as for iPhone, iPad and iPod


Where is the 24option app to have?


The fastest way to get to the 24option app is to visit the homepage of the Cypriot broker. From there you can directly find links to the app via GooglePlay and the Apple iTunes Store The corresponding terminal.

24option was one of the first she see this site brokers in 2013 to offer its customers such a mobile trading solution for Android devices. An equivalent iOS version followed shortly afterwards in the same year and helped the online broker to great popularity with users, who want to remain particularly flexible. Since then, the apps for both Android and Apple devices have been improved by some updates.


However, the what is it worth now prerequisite for installing the app and gathering experience in the mobile trading of binary options is the fulfillment of the system requirements. For Android users, however, this means that Android 2.3.3. Must be available. This allows the app to run on the Android smartphone as well as on the tablet.

For Apple users, an iOS version with English description is offered in the Apple iTunes Store. The 9.8 MB application requires iOS 7.0 and has been optimized for the go to this web-site person iPhone 5 again. It can also be easily operated on older iPhones as well as on the iPad or the iPod touch.


What can the 24option app do?


The app allows traders to use the platform 24option on a mobile basis to the same extent as they are used to from the stationary computer. However, the content of the app is optimized for mobile usage and therefore need not only less loading time, but are presented more clearly than when the homepage is accessed, for example, via the smartphone browser. This saves the user not only cumbersome scrolling, but also the waiting times when loading the page.

The 24option mobile app offers the trader the same comfort and familiar features as the web-based variant. Traders, for example, are able to make use read full article when of all the trading instruments they are used to from the PC, from anywhere in the world. Like from the stationary computer, desired options and basic values ​​can also be selected mobile, a prediction can be their read this made and the amount to be risked. Even the 30-second trade is now available to mobile users.


In order to use the 24option app, only the prerequisites of the 'normal' trades have to be fulfilled. The registration and setting up of a real money account is compulsory. If this is done, however, the 24option demo account can also be used without problems.

For mobile trading, the minimum usage is the same as with the desktop version also at 24 euros. Restrictions on the types of trade and extras are not provided as well as additional fees or costs. Only the first registration should be done for the sake of simplicity with the desktop only about his version, since it is simply faster. Otherwise, the Android and iOS apps can fully enjoy 24option's proven functionality.


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